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14 Bike Co according to

December 17, 2010 14 Bike Co according to

14 Bike Co

“14 Bike Co. are creating more than bespoke bicycles. They are in pursuit of a dream – to propel the once famed British bicycle industry back into the limelight.

Their method is simple, to create the best bikes in the world, and at 14 Bike Co. there is only one person that can judge this – the person who will own and ultimately ride it. They are rightly proud that they don’t simply put you on a bike – they build a bike for you. Each bike they produce is bespoke, once you have been measured for a frame, for example, if the exact correct size has not already been created they will build one especially for you, stripped back, simple and elegant.

Each handmade 14 Bike Co. bike is created from British Reynolds steel. This is not a ‘Made In England’ marketing gimmick however. Steel is used because it is the best material to create a bike from aluminum, although being fantastically lightweight is brittle and difficult to repair and carbon fibre, once damaged, cannot be repaired at all – meaning one crash no more bike.

By creating a world leading product 14 Bike Co. are in a very exclusive club, the desire to reaffirm a national industry makes them unique”.

Now, that’s pretty complementary coming from Dunhill as they appreciate quality – but we know all of the above already. In fact, I just received my very own bespoke bike that is pretty special; I haven’t decided on a name just yet, but I love her and when I’m cycling it’s more like riding on a gust of wind than on a bike – you literally feel like you are flying, mostly because the bike is so well constructed but the huge grin on your face because you’re so happy helps too.

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