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Agnaovich SS12 Paris Fashion Week

September 29, 2011 Agnaovich SS12 Paris Fashion Week

Some pics from the Aganovich show at Paris Fashion Week.

For the queuing hordes there was a kiosk van giving away bacon sandwiches with brown sauce (“Qu’est que ce ‘Brown sauce’?”). The show itself started with a mesmerizing performance by Dickie Beau acting to a Francis Bacon interview in animated, tragic clown get-up.

The models then came on, circulating and interacting with a central set of distorted mirrors. The collection featured a beautiful colour palette inspired by Bacon’s paintings and a lot of organza, layered to create varying degrees of opacity and tone. Hats by J. Smith Esq.

All the proceedings were followed most pleasantly by champagne in the courtyard afterwards in the warm Paris sun.


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