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Camera Obscura – Aganovich X Setecento

May 23, 2013 Camera Obscura – Aganovich X Setecento

Brooke Taylor from Aganovich dropped by yesterday for coffee and general conversation (largely around the subject of highs and lows of digital technology and social media.)

They are showing a collaboration with Setecento at the 55th International Art Biennale at the Bauers l’Hotel in Venice from the 29th to the 31st of May. It involves interesting sounding 3-D body scanning that takes your measurements in a single scan, transfers the information direct to the factory, which outputs the bespoke cutting patterns and three weeks later you have your perfectly fitted unique piece of Aganovich, cut in Rubelli cloth (Venice’s most prestigious cloth manufacturers, whose headquarters dominate the Grand Canal and have been specialising in Jaquard, damask and brocade for over 150 years).

I would suggest that this is certainly a high of digital technology…


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