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Royal Salute — World Polo

The Client

Royal Salute is the ultimate luxury Scotch whisky. Created to commemorate the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II of England in 1953, it is now the global market leader for whiskies aged over 21 years.

The Project

Royal Salute’s primary marketing activity centres around Polo events so we were engaged to help them grow their worldwide reach through the creation of a global platform.

The Approach

Our creative strategy was to focus on the detail and craft of the sport of Kings, rather than more commonly used wider-scale game imagery. This highlight details are unique to Polo that those in the know would recognise e.g. hogged manes, elaborate tack, head restraint straps etc.

Creative Execution

We created a full brand identity for the ‘World Polo’ global platform. This included naming, developing the logo mark (adaptable for general, dual language and specific event usage) and a supporting set of brand elements including photography, repeat patterns, event bags, press folders, event programs. This was pulled together in a comprehensive set of brand guidelines that included details such as specific material recommendations for grades of leather, up to how to set-up full events with bar designs and marquees.

Given the association with multiple members of the British Royal family, it had to have a consistent level of regal luxury, anywhere in the world.


A Guide To Polo

Royal Salute required a VIP gift that could be given out at high-profile polo events.

We proposed the idea of a leather book that would serve as an introductory guide to the game and to the Royal Salute brand. It also featured notable quotes, a history of the game and the whisky, scorecards, illustrations and a general notebook section. The illustration style referenced the crosshatched texture of the brand pattern and the numnah stitching. We were responsible for developing all content, imagery and the gift box that it came in.


When Royal Salute launched its first-ever ‘World Polo Edition’, we were asked to design the Limited Edition packaging. We based the design around the vernacular of ‘the sport of kings’ with an iconic white sporting stripe emblazoned on the front of the box. This created an instantly recognisable design cue highlighting the expression’s sporting links and providing strong on-shelf presence.


  • Event concept and design
  • Global Retail / POS
  • Limited Edition World Polo
  • Brand Ambassador
  • Bespoke polo jackets
  • Brand Film
  • Printed Materials
  • Event
  • Trophy
  • Digital
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Brand Guardianship

Art Direction

As part of our work building the ‘World Polo’ global platform for Royal Salute we wanted to create a strong library of imagery that could be used across all applications and touch points. The audience is already familiar with polo, so rather than using standard images of Polo play, we focussed in on the details, the materials and unique hallmarks of the sport of kings; the hogged manes, the level of tack, it’s global footprint etc. This attention to the nuances of Polo as a sport reflected the attention to detail of blending of Royal Salute, the worlds only true luxury whisky. These images were then treated to reflect the brand colour palette and to create an identifiable and own-able aesthetic.


To coincide with high profile global polo matches, Royal Salute needed a duty free concept to increase awareness of their sponsorship of high-goal games. The design had to hold a certain amount of product, but included a showcase of actual branded polo props and featured our films within the retail environment.

World Polo Beijing Gold Trophy

The icing on the cake so to speak, we designed the trophy for the prestigious polo sporting events held in China, which gave us a chance to apply our graphic abilities to all the possibilities of fine engraving.

Event Design, Toolkit & Materials
    Behaving like a crafted luxury brand Client Testimonial From the outset Egelnick and Webb have been key partners in helping us establish and build our involvement in Polo around the world. The team were instrumental in defining our look and feel that had to be distinctive yet compatible with other luxury brands. What has impressed me most is their visual confidence, the ability to express a strong luxury attitude without need for overelaboration or artifice. We are activating polo in over 12 countries and the consistent support and use of the polo identity by our partner affiliates is testament to the strength of their work. Neil MacDonald Brand Director - Royal Salute Royal Salute
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