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Christian Marclay

May 22, 2013 Christian Marclay

Always exciting to get things through the post, particularly if its music; and if you are of a certain age, even nicer if its vinyl. Vinyl Factory are a client of ours, we’re currently helping them take One, The Thames (formally Arundel Great Court) to market. They also, not surprisingly given the name, own a vinyl factory and put out hand-crafted collectible limited edition premium vinyl as well as prints and publications.

Christian Marclay is best known for his music related artworks. I first came across him at White Cube Gallery which was showing Video Quartet (2002), a large, four-screen projection featuring hundreds of clips from old Hollywood films, with actors and musicians making sound or playing instruments. The Barbican had a major retrospective of his work a year or two later. He has collaborated with Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore and Lee Ranaldo, which further explains my interest.

Stitching together sound and image to create hybrid pieces of audio and visual art that defies easy classification, Marclay has been described by The New Yorker as “the most exciting collagist since Robert Rauschenberg” (OK, more obvious interest).

A pioneer in the art of tampering with vinyl, Groove was recorded in New York City by running multiple layers of the same 7? single through a basic 8-track recorder and applying stickers directly on the groove so that the needle would skip and repeat. Limited to only 300 copies, the first hundred copies were hand-signed and numbered by Marclay himself, but sadly I missed out on that.


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