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Design Inspiration: Patrick Caulfield

August 3, 2011 Design Inspiration: Patrick Caulfield

Introduced to me by my art teacher aged 17 whilst doing my art GCSE I became fascinated by Caulfields paintings. It was probably because it was something very different to the Monet, Manet, Degas, Van Gogh, Cezanne GCSE curriculum artists we had grown up with and also because I have always been a big fan of bold colour. I loved his mix of detailed patterns, plains of flat colour with bold outlines and photorealistic painting, my favourite being ‘After Lunch’ (below). His work taught me a lot about colour balance and composition and I think helped to tip the balance in my head from wanting to be a designer rather than an artist. His work is still up at the Tate modern, if you haven’t seen it then its definately worth a look as it still seems as relevant now as it did when I was 17.


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