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East London Liquor Company

November 5, 2015 East London Liquor Company

The trend for craft brewing is expanding into spirits with a raft of independent distilleries opening up all over London. One of the biggest and coolest is the East London Liquor Company in Bow Wharf, Mile End. Housed in a former glue factory, it is also a rather smart cocktail bar, which is a godsend for an area known more for its traditional pubs.



The company now offers a tour of its distillery, where over the course of 1 and a half hours you can discover the distillation process, the bottling room and the history of gin production in London, all with a gin and tonic in your hand. And when you’re done you can continue drinking in the stylishly dishevelled bar, where the barmen are always concocting new cocktails with the company’s ever evolving range of spirits and bitters.




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