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Everyone loves an invite

June 11, 2015 Everyone loves an invite

London Collections Men is almost here with the first shows starting today! We thought we’d look back through our fashion archives of memorable invites. Having had the pleasure of working with some of the most iconic brands in the world, we have delivered numerous fashion show invites over the years.

A thing of beauty in their own right, they deliver the spirit of your brand directly into the hands of your target audience.

At a time when your clients will be receiving even more mail / invitations than usual, you want to be sure you stand out from the others and create the most excitement and anticipation.

Making the right choice of format, reveal, weight and tactile quality, can transform a simple communication into the very essence of your brand.




For the beautifully considered and innovative collection from the Iranian fashion designer, we created a format where invite and envelope were uniquely constructed from a single piece of embossed card. Opening through a diagonal perforation the colour palette reflected the ‘empty quarter’ collection.



We love the bravery and leading vision of Muccia Prada. Founding partner, Malcolm Webb had previously been an Art Director on Prada and Miu Miu campaigns. For the global launch of their first fragrance we created a die-cut teaser and follow-up invitation in multiple languages.



This hand-numbered laser-cut invitation for a capsule collection of strictly limited editions, was part of wider set of assets that translated the design language into a dedicated micro-site and onto swing tickets.



These Royal Ballet invites for the ‘Sleeping Beauty’ overnight cream, were wrapped in a gold foil illustration and printed on delicate Bible paper. The folding technique remains the most complex design to leave the studio to date.



Working with Brooke Taylor and Nana Aganovich is always a creative and intellectual challenge (for the right reasons). This was no exception all the pieces in the collection were shades of blue, and each individual garment could be partnered with each other in any combination. An all blue Rubik’s Cube was the perfect intriguing invitation to receive.



Back when fashion innovation and technology collaborations were in vogue, we created this laser-etched invite to celebrate the launch of the collaboration between Giles Deacon and Intel.


“I think for me the invitation is as key as the music. It’s a point of reference for the mood and sometimes when you are drowning in samples and need a reminder it only takes one key image to focus you. So much of the communication around a show is digital, so I like the idea of a physical invitation being a memento.” – Christopher Shannon






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