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Galaxie 500

April 30, 2010 Galaxie 500

Back in the day I had a vinyl copy of this album and it was one of my favourite sleeves. Its not text-book ground-breaking design, but it represents an era before myspace and the internet, where you only knew anything about a new artist and what they looked like from the sleeve and ultimately the NME. Thus opinion, expectations and charachter was assumed on the basis of limited information. The pseudo-psychedelic colour, perspective of the three straight-up band members and the type seemed a perfect overcoat for the swirling, simple, epic, wah-wah infused sound of what would be now one of my desert island discs.

I stupidly sold it when I came back from travelling (still in its original cellophane). I had got the complete box set on CD a couple of years prior, from someone at Rykodisc, so it seemed superfluous in a Feng Shui moment of madness. Ironically I still only ever play ‘On Fire’ from the box set which has awful overly-contrived artwork.

The good news is (and the point of the ramble) is that it has been reissued on Domino Records as a CD with extras, but more importantly on vinyl in all its 12″ glory.



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