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House Music or House Red?

February 1, 2011 House Music or House Red?

Pills and thrills to wine and cheese : a tale of obsessions
An article by a friend who turned his back on House music and the proverbial ‘big bag’ and is now a wine writer in Australia with kids ; )

“I’m not comparing class A drugs with cool climate Shiraz but my point is that it’s funny that as you get older and (hopefully more sophisticated) your drug of choice just becomes a bit more refined. Truly great wines have the ability to transcend the ordinary in the same way music can move the soul and the grin that appears on your face when you taste it is just as heartfelt but probably not so prone to aching and certainly there’s no need for so much water.”

Pinot Grigio – Happy House: shiny and forgettable
Mataro – Dirty deep US House

Sauvignon Blanc – Acid House
(seems nice at the time but in retrospect no-one knows why they ever liked it)

Big Barossa Shiraz – Trance
(because you can feel a hypnotic beat on the palate going wap wap wap)

Weighwatchers Balance – Gabba
(no one has got a fucking clue what it’s about)

Riesling – Disco
(lapels, flares, unfashionable over the top at times, secretly loved by a very select few)

Rh̫ne Blends or Champagne РFrench House

Moscato – Hi-NRG

Pinot – Progressive House
(full of peaks and troughs but once you get into the groove you will be hooked)

Zinfandel – Tribal

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