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Innovation, are you listening

November 22, 2013 Innovation, are you listening

An interesting article on’s blog on how a company performs the balancing act of “Broadening horizons with innovation” vs “Listening to users”.


“The customers base themselves to a great extent on previous experiences. The really radical solutions are difficult to imagine in advance based on experiences with current products,” Gustafsson points out.

Sounds a bit like Henry Ford’s famous century-old quote: “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said a faster horse.” And he didn’t even have to conduct a survey of over 300 managers.

And as Toyota chief designer Kevin Hunter once told me: “People can’t tell you what they want in the future, but they know what they want now. You have to balance creativity with market acceptability. You have to push the envelope and be progressive, but you can’t get too far out there, because customers won’t understand. Your design has to evoke something familiar or emotional while at the same time offering something new and unfamiliar. You have to avoid a strict design bias and remember who you’re designing for. You can’t be selfish, you must focus outward, and on the problem you’re trying to solve for customers.” –

This certainly resonates with our tech-creatives who place innovation at the forefront of our endeavours, while aiming to create a beautiful digital artefact that oozes practicality.

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