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Ivor Cutler : A Wet Handle Reissue

April 6, 2011 Ivor Cutler : A Wet Handle Reissue

One sunny afternoon back in the day at Creation, Ivor Cutler appeared at the top of the stairs, dressed pretty much as in the picture on the left, faded pink hat covered in badges, shirts and shorts (having cycled in of course). He wandered over, reached out his hand and said “Mr Egelnick, I presume?” in his precise Scottish accent.

We spent the next couple of days together putting together a CD reissue of Ludo on Rev-Ola and a new release of A Wet Handle on the main Creation label. He shared with me his research into the origins of my surname, (having a similar ancestry), his vast collection of drawings (that we edited for the booklet) the latest batch of ‘Cutlerisms’ (gold sticky labels printed with random statements that amused him – I’ll try and dig some out for a future post) and his ebullient fresh-eyed views on the amusing world around him.

I was impressed by his dealings with the Beatles (he appeared in Magical Mystery Tour), that he had worked with George Martin and that John Peel was a fan. He was quite impressed (in a similar way to Peter Blake several years later) by the immediacy and ability of an Apple mac and scanner to realise a cd cover from a handful of drawings.

His son got in touch yesterday to discuss reissuing the cd with a booklet, which we hope could be an opportunity to create a really collectible, crafted piece of print, perhaps coinciding with an exhibition of his drawings. That’s the aim anyway, so if anyone is interested please get in touch.

His obituary on the Guardian website.


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