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Malcolm on location with William Tempest

February 18, 2011 Malcolm on location with William Tempest

“My autumn/winter 2011-12 collection is inspired by witchcraft, the occult and macabre. To unveil the collection I have teamed up with luxury footwear label Mechante of London, director Patrick Lindblom and art directors Egelnick and Webb to create the short film Dia Anna starring Amber Le Bon. It’s based on the persecution of witches and focuses on the ‘Swimming Test’, a method used by 17th Century witch hunter Matthew Hopkins, whereby it was thought that a witch, as a servant of the devil, could not drown. Dia Anna takes you to an ethereal, eerie and magical world and I am so excited with the results and cannot wait to screen the film at The May Fair Hotel tomorrow evening”. William Tempest yesterday chatting to Vogue.

We will post the film once it had debued, in the meantime here are some “making off” shots.

Screen shot 2011-02-18 at 12.14.55

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