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Oranges are not the only fruit

September 18, 2009 Oranges are not the only fruit

The Luella design team has taken a break from their upcoming fashion show to compete to see who can eat an orange the fastest.Luella Oranges


  1. Julie 9 years ago

    Georgia is a clear winner with 33 seconds.
    Scott in second place with 38 seconds.
    Oden in third place with 1 minute 19 seconds.
    Julie managed a poor attempt at 1 minute 25 seconds, but the orange was very pithy.
    Kath is in last place with 1 minute 30 seconds.
    Cassie was disqualified as she started to segment her orange before the timer started.

  2. egelnickandwebb 9 years ago

    Can we have an update as to whether you have been eating any other fruit please

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