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Richard Phillips at White Cube

February 18, 2011 Richard Phillips at White Cube

With only one leg and being the wrong side of Great Eastern, I don’t go the White Cube as often as I once did, so I nipped in yesterday after a quick fashion crop at Murdock. Well worth the hobble. Amazing exhibition of Pop art paintings by Richard Phillips called ‘Most Wanted’. Two meter high canvases of found imagery of young, powerful stars taken against celebrity ‘step and repeat’ photo opp walls. Each portrait features a bright halo, representing the ‘electric stardom of these secular deities’ and a visual reference to 80s era Warhol celebrity prints and the cover illustrations of Richard Bernstein on the original bible of celebrity lifestyle Interview magazine. If I had $200,000 I would buy one or two for sure. Upstairs are the original oil pastel drawings in smaller scale.


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