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The most expensive strawberry in the world

July 2, 2015 The most expensive strawberry in the world

It’s the first week of Wimbledon, and the big news is not on the court, but in the price freezing of Strawberries & Cream – Its all over the press. A generous serving during the two-week tournament, will now only cost you £2.50.

Nothing says British summer more so than Wimbledon and Strawberries & Cream, but if you cast your net beyond SW9, the humble fruit takes on a whole new meaning.

We did our research to find the most expensive strawberry in the world and the winner is…Arnaud’s restaurant in New Orleans, they serve a strawberry dessert for $3.9m Dollars!!! – Beautifully served in a marinade of port, red wine, spices and citrus with vanilla ice cream, and of course, a diamond ring in it.

If you fancy something a little less expensive, but more special than the average tournament-strawberry?

Not far outside of Beijing you will find the ‘Wander Garden’. A strawberry farm, selling their wares for 45 Euro a pound (a tad more expensive than at your local supermarket). They are nurtured in soil imported from China’s northwest, and refreshed with mineral water heated to a cozy 20 degrees in a specially designed green house in the middle of Beijing’s’ winter season.

So the choice is yours order a punnet from Beijing, fly to New Orleans or just enjoy Kent’s finest served on the streets of London.




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