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This is a great idea

April 21, 2010 This is a great idea


Iron Man 2 is a compilation featuring several of AC/DC’s best-known songs alongside a selection that most likely aren’t immediately recognisable to the casual listener. It doubles, as its title and artwork are testament to, as the soundtrack to the forthcoming movie sequel to 2008’s Robert Downey Jr-starring comic book adaptation, Iron Man. If the second instalment follows the lead of its (very well received) predecessor, expect unadulterated eye-candy, the kind of rollercoaster experience delivered every blockbuster season – the kind of brash, boisterous movie that AC/DC’s music seems tailor-made for. It’s a marriage made in Hollywood heaven.

The classics here are just that: heavy-riffed and big-hearted rock‘n’roll essentials that every home should have. Back in Black just does not get old; likewise the closer, the evergreen anthem Highway to Hell. Of the less-ubiquitous numbers, Guns for Hire is a highlight of 1983’s Flick of the Switch LP, and T.N.T. dates back to their Australia-only second album of the same title. Younger listeners might find it all a bit clichéd, but remember: AC/DC are the originators, their imitators responsible for diluting the package’s potency. For those about to rock, raise another salute to your enduringly enthralling forefathers.


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