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User Research and UI Session

February 9, 2014 User Research and UI Session

We now live an environment where we are spending more of our time immersed in different interfaces. Some are crucial(your super shiny calendar app). And others, while slightly less necessary (level 25 of candy crush) still represent something you will have to interact with effectively, potentially on a daily basis.

We recently attended city Unrulyversity’s User Research and Usability session, a shoreditch-based pop-up learning seminar that touches on some of the major aspects of user interface and user-centered design.

We were drafted to forge real-life user experiences based on an end-goal and document our ‘user adventures’. It was truly remarkable to see how small nuances in each interface effect how the user perceives their journey, even in a modern day tech-savvy society . It was a refreshing reminder that outlined the importance using systematic and intuitive techniques for researching the future users of your web application.



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