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william tempest for olay

October 27, 2010 william tempest for olay

William Tempest recently collaborated with Olay to create some limited edition packaging for the Olay Complete Care Touch of Foundation range. Egelnick and Webb worked with Olay to strategically work with a fashion designer, and our obvious choice was William Tempest. The design features acrobatic figures in a bespoke print and spell out the word ‘Olay’.

Tempest photographed models at his studio to ensure a true-to-life look. He then created the intriguing print, “I filled them in with a magenta and cyan marble I made on water. We had to change my original artwork slightly to remove some nipples and bums and to make some of the positions less risqué but I really love how it turned out.”

Go get one before they go! In fact, why not buy four so you can spell out the word Olay.


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